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Program 01

AI based Drug Discovery

The potential of AI in drug discovery

November 12, Grand Ballroom 101

Chair : Dongho Lee, Founder, Netvation partners

14:00-17:00 (`180) Opening Remark

Dongho Lee, Founder, Netvation partners

AI Drug Discovery & Precision Medicine based on Genomic Bigdata

Tae Soon Kim, CEO, Syntekabio, Inc.

AI Medicine: Data-driven Drug Discovery

Jaewoo Kang, Professor, Korea University

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in drug discovery and development

Hyunjin Shin, Principal Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Artificial Intelligence for identifying novel therapeutic targets, biomarkers and drug repositioning opportunities

Namshik Han, Head of Computational Biology, University of Cambridge

The Importance of Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery & Development

Naheed Kurji, President and CEO, Cyclica

※ The program is subject to change.

Program 02

Collaboration with Fraunhofer IZI

November 12, Grand Ballroom 102

14:00-17:00 (`180) Introduction to BioSciences in Saxony

Frank Emmrich, First Director of Fraunhofer IZI, Leipzig, BioSaxony

Material Characterization for Biomedical Materials towards a Digital Medicine

Joerg Opitz, Head of Department Bio- and Nanotechnology, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS

Low Energy Electron Irradiation: New and Superior Inactivation Method in Vaccine Development

Sebastian Ulbert, Department Head, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell therapy and Immunology IZI

DNA Nanostructures: Programmable scaffolds for new therapies and diagnostics

David Smith, Research Group Leader, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell therapy and Immunology IZI

Retargeting of CAR NK Cells for Cancer Treatment

Stephan Kloess, Head of department, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell therapy and Immunology IZI

Tomorrow’s Diagnostics: Epitope based Immuno Diagnostics

Michael Szardenings, V. Dept. Head / CEO, Fraunhofer IZI / Epitopic GmbH

An innovative therapeutic approach to prevent graft-versus-host disease with preserved graft-versus-leukemia effect by ex vivo incubation of HSC grafts with anti-human CD4 antibodies

André-René Blaudszun, Scientific Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI

※ The program is subject to change.

Program 03

Industrial Biotechnology

November 12, Grand Ballroom 104

[Part 1] Trend in Industrial Biotechnology
14:00-14:45 (`45) Renewable carbon and industrial biotechnology in Europe - Status and Prospect

Achim Raschka, Head of Department, nova-Institut GmbH

14:45-15:10 (`25) Future of the Korean biochemical industry : bioplastics

Kyungmoon Park, Professor, Hongik University

15:10-15:35 (`25) Development and Application of Functional Cosmetic Materials Using LMO

Yuchul Jung, Director, Daesang co., Ltd.

15:35-16:00 (`25) The Status of Biosafety Management and Control for industrial Contained use of LMOs

Geon Ha Moon, Team director, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

[Part 2] Bioplastic
16:10-16:40 (`30) Production of biodegradable polymers using CO2

Bun Yeoul Lee, Professor, Ajou University

16:40-17:10 (`30) Industrial Trend of Bioplastics

Wonjae Yoon, CEO, Unichem

17:10-17:40 (`30) The Research and Certification of Bioplastics in Korea

Sung Yeon Hwang, Head, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

※ The program is subject to change.

Program 04

Korea-ASEAN Bio Partnering Seminar

November 12, Conference Room 205

14:00-14:20 (`20) Overview of Korea’s bio industry
14:20-14:40 (`20) Overview of Brunei’s bio industry
14:40-15:00 (`20) Overview of Cambodia’s bio industry
15:00-15:20 (`20) Overview of Indonesia’s bio industry
15:20-15:40 (`20) Overview of Lao’s bio industry
15:40-16:00 (`20) Overview of Malaysia’s bio industry
16:00-16:20 (`20) Overview of Myanmar’s bio industry
16:20-16:40 (`20) Overview of Philippines’s bio industry
16:40-17:00 (`20) Overview of Singapore’s bio industry
17:00-17:20 (`20) Overview of Thailand’s bio industry
17:20-17:40 (`20) Overview of Vietnam’s bio industry

※ The program is subject to change.

Program 06

KFOB Symposium

November 12, Conference Room 202

14:00-14:10 (`10) Opening Remark

Jong-Hyun Park, President, KFOB (Professor, Gachon University)

14:10-15:20 (`70) Chair : Jong-Hyun Park, President, KFOB (Professor, Gachon University)
Biotechnology and UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Sang Yup Lee, Distinguished Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Policy Direction of Korea's Bio Industry

TBD, Ministry of Science and ICT

15:20-16:10 (`50) Chair : Hei Chan Lee, President, KSBB (Professor, Sun Moon University)
Research and Market Trends of Health Functional Foods

Jong-Sang Kim, Professor, Kyungpook National University

Microbial Synthetic Biology for the Production of Chemicals

Gyoo Yeol Jung, Professor, Pohang University of Science and Technology

16:10-17:00 (`50) Chair : Jeong Kug Lee, President, KMB (Professor, Sogang University)
Multi-Omics Approach for Developing Novel Microbiome Therapeutics

Gwangpyo Ko, Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University

R&D Program Strategy of Medical Science Division in NRF

Heon Joo Park, Professor, Inha University School of Medicine

※ The program is subject to change.